YouTube Channel Management Services

Are you looking for YouTube channel mangement services and Youtube marketing services to kick-start your channel to a whole new level?

Our dedicated YouTube channel manager will manage and grow your YouTube channel on a regular basis and provide you all the insights from time to time.


SocialQlick is a YouTube channel management company in India. We are passionate about helping budding YouTubers, Music and Media production houses, other corporate brands to reach their target audience and grow their YouTube channels in terms of Viewership, revenue, watch time and other important KPIs.

We at SocialQlick have expertise of complete YouTube channel management to YouTube marketing services. In fact we generated more viewership, subscribers and driven six figures in revenue for many channels. 

It’s always a complicated process for video creators to concentrate on content creation as well as managing their channels with the right technical terms. We are here to help you by providing a complete solution from growing your YouTube channel to generating revenue from it.

How do we help you?

YouTube Channel setup

Creation of YouTube channel and setting up the required settings for maximum growth.

Upload Your Videos

We upload your videos on behalf of you. So you concentrate on content creation and editing. 

Optimize Videos

Optimize your videos with best titles, meta description and tags to increase YouTube video rankings on regular basis.

Increase Viewership and Revenue

Maximize your viewership, watch time, subscribers and other important metrics.

Create Engagement and Fan base

We engage Your audience with regular comments, updates and posts.

Copyright infringement

Track and take down all the piracy uploads of your videos on other YouTube channels.

Analytics and Reports

Measure and scale the metrics and also prepare monthly reports. 

Video Advertising

Advertise your videos to reach more targeted audience and get more views.

Channel Strategy

Channel strategy design and recommendations from YouTube Certified Professional.


Here is why you need to choose SocialQlick. As a YouTube Channel Management Company, we ensure that our advanced and strategic planning can skyrocket your YouTube earnings. Check out a few YouTube Revenue Generation results below.

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